Fengshui into house interior designing?

What exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an interaction of humans and their environment. The goal is to harness energy forces It enables to influence interacting energies to achieve specific life improvements. It establishes harmony between an individual and their environment.with principles of natural energy flow.

Why Feng shui is considered important while interior designing the house?

Mental health and individual wellness both are warriors in today’s time.  Feng
shui interior diagram creates the form of space to promote wellness. Feng Shui aims to slow the energy flow within interiors, which in urns balances all the objects and it harmonizes its energy.

Common Feng shui tips to incorporate in home design.

  • Earthy shades and skin tones colors are popular in feng shui design, including creams, browns, dusky pinks, or pale yellows. Different colours and tones can be used to create effective boundaries in open plan areas, while also promoting the flow of positive energy.
  • Always try to include a shoe rack, hooks for coats, and storage for rain
    gear/umbrellas. Its important that all these items have their own place to call home as they hold the outside energy of the world beyond your front door.
  • Natural shapes and forms are key to feng shui design principles, so there
    should not be any sharp edges on any furniture
  • Sofas, beds, and desk chairs should never face door.
  • Water entity like fountains can increase levels of positive energy

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